MAS - Modern Apulian Style, within the events of Matera 2019 - European Capital of Culture, has organized a week of discussions about economic development, territorial marketing, architecture, design, urban regeneration, culture, creativity and innovation.

Year 2019
Conversations on Architecture and Design
Matera, Italy


Project Team: Gemma Lanzo, Giuseppe Fanelli, Francesco Lasigna
Graphic Design: Vincenzo Recchia

RiCreAttivaMenti is a campaign created by MAS to tell the future of post Covid-19 through the testimonies of artists, creatives and visionaries.

MAS WEEK is a Festival dedicated to architecture, design, contemporary art and cinema, which also aims at creating a moment of consideration on ethics, aesthetics and creativity.

Webinar Disegno/Turismo.
Taranto city of art: beautiful, sustainable, inclusive.