MAS - Modern Apulian Style

MAS wants to open a debate on the themes of: Arts, Architecture, Living, City and Territory. MAS believes that arts and culture are nourishment for mind and soul and an indispensable tool for the improvement of the quality of life of the communities.

MAS, by implementing a territorial development program, aims at boosting and promoting cultural and social activities to make the places where it operates better places, to spread and share good practices, to generate creativity useful for organizations.

MAS WEEK is a Festival dedicated to architecture, design, contemporary art and cinema, which also aims at creating a moment of consideration on ethics, aesthetics and creativity.

MAS Meets Matera is a week of conversations on economic development, territorial marketing, urban regeneration, culture, creativity and innovation.

RiCreAttivaMenti is a campaign created by MAS to tell the future of post Covid-19 through the testimonies of artists, creatives and visionaries.

Webinar Disegno/Turismo.
Taranto city of art: beautiful, sustainable, inclusive.