MAS believes in people, puts humanity at the center, and consequently evaluates its prospects.


MAS believes that Mediterranean Living means living in symbiosis with nature and the environment.


MAS believes in a harmonious development with nature that must be monitored by evaluating the various aspects not only from a biological point of view but also from a social perspective.


MAS believes that art and creativity are key elements in the improvement of the quality of living and that they are important factors in social, economic and cultural growth.


MAS believes that the spatial dimensions of a city, as a system of places, have an impact on the social dimensions.


MAS believes that art, beauty and culture are necessary to make cities exciting, surprising, welcoming and vital.


MAS believes in multidisciplinarity and in the use of different languages ​​to develop actions able to redesign living spaces.


MAS believes in dialogue and cooperation between society, the public system and organizations.


MAS wants to create a bridge between the cultures that inhabit the Mediterranean where, among their different aspects, common traits can be found in architecture and arts.


MAS wants to contribute to the promotion, at a national and international level, of the study, the research and the documentation in the fields of architecture and contemporary arts specifically related to the Mediterranean.


MAS wants to contribute to research on the relationship between the city, the sea and the territory in the architectural and the urban planning fields, also through a dialogue between the urban context, the natural context and technological innovation.