MAS acts as General Contractor and it is the only point of contact for the customer, providing support during any phase, from the actual purchasing of the building or property through to the renovation, until the completion of it and the furnishing (fit-out). MAS controls every phase and activity, coordinating the different parties of a workflow, from companies to professionals, and it is ultimately responsible for the building.

 Take it easy! MAS will think about it.


Real estate advice: MAS offers support to anyone who is interested in real estate investments in Apulia. Thanks to its team and its Network, MAS can estimate the building area or the property’s value; it can draw up preliminary projects and provide legal and financial advice at every stage of the negotiation process.
Design and architectural restoration: Thanks to its in house professionals and to the architects, engineers and designers of the Network, all projects are developed by MAS in a creative way, bringing into play technical, cultural, artistic and scientific knowledges, respecting the environment and history and always paying the utmost attention to customer needs.

Energy efficiency and Building automation system: Respect of the environment is one of the main prerogatives of MAS. But designing systems for energy efficiency is also a way to have an almost zero cost for heating and cooling by choosing construction technologies and methods that make the most of the Mediterranean climate of Puglia. We see technology as synonymous with the maximum comfort of the customer.

Construction management and Health and Safety on construction sites: Thanks to the long experience and wide-ranging knowledge on construction sites of our professionals, each project is carried out according to customer requirements and always following the authorization and the regulation of the responsible authorities.
Maximum attention is paid to Health and Safety Regulation.

Construction of civil buildings: Thanks to the Network and the project management expertise of its team, MAS is able to implement any type of project, according to customer needs and requirements.
Interior Design and Furnishings: Thanks to its Team and its Network made up of designers, creatives and companies that produce furniture and furnishings, finishes and furniture accessories, MAS can help the customer to design the interior of its home, also purchasing what is needed.
Property management: MAS ensures the customer is at ease even after the building is completed. It offers all the required supervision and maintenance services at highly competitive prices. It can also help customers to generate income from the property managing the contractual assets together with the financial and the insurance aspects deriving from eventual renting.


MAS also provides:

  • Document translation and interpreting services.
  • Constant updates to the customer by regularly providing photographic documentation showing the progress of the project. A Client Relationship Manager is always available and is the link between the customer and the Project Manager who is ultimately responsible for the work.
  • If requested by the customer, we can provide lodging services in order to attend the initial briefing meeting with MAS’s Team and also for the following stays, if the customer is willing to monitor in person the progress of the work.