Apulian Network professional MAS
The subjects of the MAS network, a selected and valuable one, place design, sustainability, innovation products and innovation processes at the heart of their productions. Their being Apulian leads them to express concepts of craftsmanship and research to create unique buildings behind which there is the work of women and men with a strong manufacturing ability. In the network there are Estate Agencies, Legal and Financial Consulting Firms, Construction Companies, Fitters, Craftsmen, Material Suppliers, Designers and Technicians. The subjects of the network have chosen to adhere to the following three criteria:

Apulian: Strong imprint of the history, the art and the landscape of Puglia. All products used are Made in Puglia and mainly produced with raw materials from Puglia.

Innovative: Aware of the current technological and ergonomic demands but avoiding the decontextualization of the building.

Sustainable: Integration of the building in the environment and full respect of the environment at every stage of construction.


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