Puglia is a friendly, welcoming, joyful, authentic and magical region. The Apulian food and wine production are among the most popular in Italy. It‘s fishing tradition and traditional recipes have been handed down from to generation to generation. Puglia also produces over 25 DOC wines including the famous “Primitivo”. The enviable Mediterranean climate sees long and warm summers and mild winters with little rainfall that generally allows you to live largely in the open, fully enjoying the sea for nearly six months a year. Puglia is also a region that carefully preserves cultural traditions by organizing numerous popular events among which “La Notte della Taranta”. Whether you opt for outdoor sports, tasting local products, covering its historical-artistic itinerary, awaiting events that recall its millenary traditions or simply seeking a relationship with yourself embracing the magic that this region evokes, the experience of “living Puglia” will always be a lovely experience imprinted on your memory through the formidable sense of Apulian hospitality.