MAS realises each project meticulously. Following a well-defined operational approach MAS uses its methodology in order to determine the scheduling of production, the on time delivery and the cost before concluding the contract. The steps are the following:

Briefing and Inspection: Preparatory phase which focuses on the customer’s needs, proposing solutions and defining work to be carried out.

Ideation: The building project is developed together with the customer and choices are made regarding building materials, finishes and accessories. Afterwards, the partner of the MAS Network that can meet the customer’s requirements will be identified.

Quotes and Timetable: The budget and the delivery times will be defined. This is followed by the conclusion of the contract.

Design: The projects are defined in order to meet the needs of the customer in terms of results and budget, followed up with aquiring all relevant building permits by all responsible authorities.

Realization: We proceed with the construction or restoration of the building, carefully following the project plan and therefore the choices of the customer. The building will always be delivered on time.