Ancient rural constructions

Puglia boasts professionals who have learned the craft of construction passing it on from generation to generation. For instance, “voltaroli” are specialised in the construction of stone vaults. Another example of the Apulian craftsmanship in the construction field are “Trulli”. These dry stone buildings, aside their characteristic cone structure, can be considered as the very first example of green buildings for their high thermal inertia. In addition to Trulli, “Pajare” and “Liame” are other examples of traditional Apulian green buildings characterised by the typical barrel vaults. Apulian rural areas are also denoted by “muretti a secco”, which are walls made of stones obtained from crushing larger rocks emerging from the ground during agricultural work. Typical rural constructions are also “Masserie” or “Fattorie”, which were often fortified, “Casini” and “Case coloniche”.