Modern Apulian Style - Vineyard Castle of Otranto
MAS Sand of puglia
MAS palazzo-dei-celestini Lecce

We build and restore unique homes and buildings in Puglia following three criteria:


Perfect integration of the building in the environment. We are 100% eco-friendly, we respect the landscape and the sea!


Aware of the current technological and ergonomic demands, but avoiding the decontextualization of the building.


Strong imprint of the history, the art and the landscape of Puglia. All products used are Made in Puglia!


MAS acts as General Contractor and it is the only point of contact for the customer, providing support during any phase, from the actual purchasing of the building or property through to the renovation, until the completion of it and the furnishing. MAS controls every phase and activity, coordinating the different parties of a workflow, from companies to professionals, and it is ultimately responsible for the building.


MAS realises each project meticulously. Following a well-defined process it uses its methodology in order to determine the scheduling of production, the on time delivery and the cost before concluding the contract. The steps of the process are the following: Briefing and Inspection, Ideation, Quotes and Timetable, Design, Realization.


The subjects of the MAS network, a selected and valuable network, place design, sustainability, innovation products and innovation processes at the heart of their productions. Their being Apulian, leads them to express concepts of craftsmanship and research to create unique buildings, behind which there is the work of women and men with a strong manufacturing ability.  

We love architecture and design. We love our land!

We see technology as synonymous with the comfort of the customer.
We create prestigious buildings making each of them unique.
Our designers and artists help customers to create their dream home.
Maximum attention is paid to Environmental, Health and Safety Regulations.

MAS offers support to anyone who is interested in real estate investments in Puglia.

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